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(Melanie Piatocha)

Photo and poster by dbphotographics

Drat! The Cat! the musical (2015)


Music by Milton Schafer

Book & lyrics by Ira Levin (author of Deathtrap and Rosemary's Baby)



Kendra Connor, Chris Cook, Tom Edwards, Jason Hardwick, Melanie Piatocha, Kirstin Piehl, Mike Zimmerma and Fred Zybrinski

Directed by Kate Ryan

Music Direction by Erik Mortimer

Choreography by Jason Hardwick

Stage Manager Elizabeth Allison


"an amiable, light-hearted evening held together by a director who knows how to get the best out of her material. The sold-out opening night audience laughed from beginning to end."

-Edmonton Sun

"Piatocha is sassy and slinky, while you can’t help but laugh at Cook’s boyish naiveté. This is a play that knows precisely what it is, and delivers just that: a buoyant, good-natured romp."

-Mel Priestly, The Vue


*Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Nominations for-

Outstanding Musical

Music Direction (Erik Mortimer) 

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