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from L to R

Mike Zimmerman, Elena Porter, Jason Hardwick, Celina Dean, Melanie Piatocha, Paul Morgan-Donald, Jocelyn Ahlf, Steven Angove

Photo by dbphotographics


Musical by Michael John LaChiusa (Hello Again, Marie Christine). Ran off broadway for a limited run.



Jocelyn Ahlf, Steven Angove, Celina Dean, Jason Hardwick, Paul Morgan Donald, Melanie Piatocha, Elena Porter 

Mike Zimmerman

Directed by Kate Ryan

Music Direction by Shannon Hiebert

Choreography by Cindy Kerr

Stage Managed by Elizabeth Allison


 “Plain Janes brings us another memorable, neglected gem from the musical theatre an intricate piece of work in every way"

-Edmonton Sun


"Kate Ryan smartly stages Little Fish in a semicircle on a bare stage. Cindy Kerr’s choreography is inventively witty; never will you see chairs used with more ingenuity.”

-Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal


*Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Nominations:

Outstanding Fringe Production, Direction (Kate Ryan)

Actress (Jocelyn Ahlf) and Actor(Jason Hardwick) 

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