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A Non Fictional Musical based on the book by Studs Terkel



Christine Bandelow, Aidan Burke, Althea Cunningham, Kevin Dabbs

Paul Morgan Donald and Madelaine Knight.

Directed by Kate Ryan 
Music Direction by David Fraser

Choreography by Christine Bandelow
Stage Managed by Emma Wilmott

"The Plain Janes can point with pride to their fine production of Working. The band (which includes some of the cast) is expert; so are the singers.

(Edmonton Journal)

"A superlative production.”


"Funny, poignant, and technically sound, Working is a smart choice for any fan of musical theatre. Or sucker who has to work for a living."


“A poignant, relatable and funny musical featuring some stand out vocal performances. “


(Kevin Dabbs)

Photo and poster by dbphotographics

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